Online reputation management is critically important for your clients, but not all of them will recognize just how important it is to their bottom line until they have a problem. A single post can spread like wildfire if it goes viral. Gossip used to be furtive whispers from one person to another. Even then, the damage could be permanent.

The Problem

These days, the whole world can instantly hear half-truths and complete lies. On average, someone only needs to be told something three times before they believe it. How many times can an angry customer write a negative post or review?

  • Four out of five people trust an anonymous online review as much as they would the personal assessment of a trusted friend.
  • The vast majority of consumers do online research before making a purchasing decision. This gives tremendous and possibly unwarranted significance to those anonymous online reviews.
  • Thirty customers can be lost with every bad review.

  • Two-thirds of all harassment, both to businesses and individuals, originates from apps and social media.

Reputation and revenue are inextricably linked in today's world. A problem in one location can appear on the local news or even attain national prominence, affecting the entire business. Any business needs to know if there’s an online issue with their product or service, as potential customers will certainly do their research (especially if it’s a significant purchase) . One bad customer service experience that used to only have local significance can suddenly go viral, creating a public relations nightmare.

The Flip Side

The flip side of online reputation management is learning about the good stuff. It’s equally important to know why customers are buying the product and which features triggered a buying decision. What are customers saying about a new product or service? What is currently trending that can impact the business by pointing to a new revenue stream?

Knowledge has never before been as widely available as it is on the Internet today. The problem is that it can easily become too much of a good thing. No one has the time to keep track of everything that they should, even knowing how important it is that they do so. In fact, without assistance, it’s impossible to know from minute to minute what’s been said. Good or bad, both can fall through the cracks.

The Solution

The solution is a win-win revenue boost. Your clients really need effective online reputation management. Your agency can provide that with Local Brand Manager’s white label review management platform. Even better, your agency will be able to differentiate itself from the competition

as the provider of this valuable management software. No enterprise can either fix a customer issue or take advantage of an opportunity unless they know about it. Local Brand Manager’s exclusive white label reputation management platform provides an efficient and cost-effective solution.

How Your Agency Will Benefit from Local Brand Manager’s White Label Reputation Management Platform

  • Win more clients by showing customers how they are doing online today with the local brand analysis audit reports included in our white label reputation management software.
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Stand out from the other agencies with the most complete reputation management white label service.
  • Gain access to both local and national SEO and reputation intelligence.
  • Our easy-to-use interface will make local SEO and listing management much more efficient.
  • Measure ROI with the world’s most complete local presence management platform.
  • Increased revenues.

The White Label Reputation Management Platform

Competitor Monitoring

Five local competitors are chosen by the dashboard as benchmarks for the local facility. Users can also customize it and pick their own top five competitors. Quickly identify which locations need improvement. Corporate offices will discover the top performers with the best online reputation and visibility.

Enterprise Capabilities

Full access and reporting is available across the enterprise with customized reports, filters and user access. Export data for any region or other segment. There are unlimited email alerts, logins, and user roles.

Media Aggregation and Management

Pictures tagged to each store or location will be gathered from multiple social media for viewing in one convenient spot. Missing and incorrect listings will be identified for correction. Use web images to discover customer service issues that need to be addressed.

Review Management

Track your online reviews with daily alerts of new reviews. Engage customers by responding to online reviews. Compare yourself to the competition and learn from their successes and failures. See a quick visual report of negative, neutral, and positive reviews.

Social Media Analytics

If you depend upon traditional “brand monitoring” tools, you’re missing more than 50% of the social media mentions. Our white label reputation management social analytics platform is location-based and will locate posts on sites such as Facebook Places or Yelp that don’t mention the brand in the comment. Review and analyze all of the chatter from one convenient location.

Workflow Management

It is easy to manage tasks on the user-friendly white label review management dashboard. Receive task recommendations for each location and track progress. The dashboard will notify you when tasks have been validated online and are completed.

Specific Industries Benefiting from Local Brand Manager’s Reputation Management and Local SEO Platform

Automotive: Dealerships use a 3-in-1 reputation management and local SEO platform, allowing easy monitoring and management of all online reviews and social media chatter for each location. Local SEO is improved in search engines as well as local search directories and portals.

Multi-Family: Almost all potential residents search for reviews and other information online before making a decision. Know what they’re looking at.

Restaurant and Retail: Negative reviews cost customers. Positive reviews increase revenues. A 1-star increase in a Yelp rating = 5-9% revenue increase. A restaurant or store with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars will have 21% higher sales than if it had a 2-star rating. Each negative review can cause 30 potential customers to visit a competitor instead.


Local Brand Manager became the first local reputation platform in 2009, focusing on increasing revenue for agencies and enterprise retail brands that are managing multiple locations. In the years since, we have grown consistently and are currently analyzing and improving the reviews, listings, and rankings of more than 500,000 storefronts. Local Brand Manager has catapulted to a prominent position in the industry due to our extensive list of both private and public review management white label partners.

Our growth has been the result of our dedicated focus on revenue enhancement, such as the distinct revenue impact that retailers experience when they are able to identify the reasons behind their customer’s choice of their store versus their competitors. This information is provided with data pulled by our white label review management tools from their online presence.

We're proud of our lengthy client list, including Sears, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon Wireless, Honda, Comcast, Blimpie, Aaron’s, Kohl’s, Bruegger’s Bagels, Texas de Brazil, Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub, and Dickey’s BBQ.

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