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Did you know?

  • A bad review can cost your dealership up to 30 potential car buyers.
  • 92% of consumers first go online to research local options when buying a new/used car. Auto sales & repair are a top 3 industry where poor reviews/reputation negatively impact a business.
  • Typical ‘Brand Monitoring’ tools miss nearly 70% of all online reviews because they are only scraping for the name of your business or brand; Local Brand Manager captures virtually ALL reviews by tracking the source of the online conversation or thread.
  • Local search directories make up over 60% of the local search market online and unclaimed page listings can cost you dozens of potential car buyers/repair customers weekly.

Your all-inclusive reputation dashboard

This all-inclusive reputation dashboard, whose alerts and data are
available to both corporate team directors and local franchise managers,
provides direct and actionable data for enhanced customer
engagement/monitoring, significantly improved online visibility, and
ensured local search optimization. When combined, this equates to
increased sales and allocation performance.

Through our platform, thousands of auto dealers are currently tracking customers through each stage of the sales funnel. From those captive audiences online searches in their local area, through new customer feedback, and forward through social media channels. This process helps manage and navigate impressions and feedback via ongoing online conversations and opportunities.

Local Brand Manager can assist dealers by addressing a multitude of issues including: customer feedback monitoring, providing source links to engage in any response strategy, monitoring how effectively your local competitors are doing in these areas, monitoring and providing recommendations to clean up your local page claim listings, monitoring how your brand is being perceived and discussed along social media channels, providing local search rankings across the wide spectrum of search engines and directories with actionable steps to improve them and much more.

Over the past few months, the list of our private and white label partners have catapulted Local Brand Manager to a prominent position within the automotive space and provides those resellers specializing in this vertical to offer multiple solutions to their clients and greatly enhance their own suite of products and services.

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