By fixing the location­-specific inaccuracies and duplication that Local Brand Manager automatically identifies, you produce real search­ engine and directory visibility returns that are reflected in the system's integrated local SEO tracking dashboard. Local Brand Manager also makes it easy to add more keywords, categories, and other details to your company's local business listings, helping you achieve even more with an absolute minimum of effort.

A Full Complement of Business Listing Features

As with other Local Brand Manager capabilities, the built in local listing management tools are designed to simplify life for those involved with multi-­location businesses. With dozens of important online directories and many individual locations to look after, the complexity involved could be formidable.

Local Brand Manager's powerful local listings management tools provide valuable, targeted help. By automatically identifying inaccuracies and duplicated information across a full range of directory services, the Local Brand Manager business listings management features make it easy to ensure that every location performs at the highest possible level.

That means more traffic for each of your locations, more reliable details for your customers, and an improved level of business for your company as a whole.

Maintain Listing Accuracy

As with other Local Brand Manager capabilities, the built in local listing
management tools are designed to simplify life for those involved with
multi-­location businesses. With dozens of important online directories
and many individual locations to look after, the complexity involved could
be formidable.

Identify Duplicates

Duplicated information can be just as harmful as inaccuracies, and
Local Brand Manager makes it easy to identify and fix problems of these kinds, as
well. Duplicate listings can result in anything from specific rankings
penalties (levied by providers like Google) to outright customer confusion.

Worse still, duplicate entries will often mean that a given location will be
competing against itself for rank and attention. With potentially valuable
reviews and authority diluted among duplicate directory listings, your
locations can be dragged down in the results in completely unnecessary

The Local Brand Manager listings management software makes it simple to root out
these problems and fix them. From duplicate Google Business listings to
specialized directory sites that competitors might overlook, Local Brand Manager
finds and highlights these issues so they can be fixed.

Spot Missing Listings

Nothing hurts more than a local listing that is not there at all, and
Local Brand Manager roots out issues of this kind, too. Once again, built­in business
listing management tools search a huge range of directories, making it
clear which of your locations is lacking and where.

Once the fixes have been made, Local Brand Manager makes sure those new listings
stay up to date, accurate, and unique. Whether looking for a few dozen
locations, hundreds of them, or even more, Local Brand Manager makes it simple to
ensure that every location is represented everywhere it should be.

Listing Optimization

Making sure that all your locations' listings are in place, accurate, and
unique is a good start. Local Brand Manager helps you go much farther, giving you
powerful tools for optimizing all the related information as well.

Just as with optimization tactics aimed at influencing search engines,
local listings SEO can prove to be extremely effective and rewarding. The
Local Brand Manager local listing management service allows you to quickly and
easily update categories, keywords, and more for all your locations,
ensuring that they rank on dozens of directories exactly as they should.

Thanks to that kind of power, you can pursue major strategic goals just as
easily as pivoting quickly to take advantage of a fast ­rising trend. With the
ability to both coordinate across your many locations and tune category
or keyword direction to suit local conditions, you can master even the
most challenging markets. Because Local Brand Manager is a comprehensive multi­-
location platform, you can easily track the results of your efforts in the
built­in local SEO dashboard and elsewhere.

Multi­Location Listing Management for Any Industry or Goals

Local Brand Manager delivers this multi-­location business listing management power in a form that is as flexible as it is accessible. That makes Local Brand Manager the perfect choice for multi-­location companies in any industry, along with agencies that serve many different clients. Local Brand Manager has been designed from the ground up to make managing many local listings as easy as possible and to do it whichever way makes the most sense for a given company.

Perfect for a Wide Range of Industries

Any multi­-location business can benefit from Local Brand Manager's local listing management features, along with everything else the platform has to offer:


Local Brand Manager makes it easy to keep up on all the major directories and specialized ones, and for every dealership in an organization. Whether potential customers seek out a business with a Google search or a visit to DealerRater, Local Brand Manager ensures that they receive accurate, complete information.


Retail ­oriented searches and directory visits are some of the most significant of all, as they quite often signify an immediate intent to buy. Local Brand Manager makes it easy for retailers to ensure that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of stores are kept up to date in every online directory that customers might consult, and to reap the associated SEO benefits.


Nothing disappoints hopeful diners more than getting inaccurate information about an establishment's hours, address, or offerings. Local Brand Manager helps keep the location listings of even nationwide chains up to date in every case, ensuring that customers will have the experiences they want and deserve.

Hotels and Multi­Family Housing

Travelers and tenants make heavy use of online directories and map searches, and Local Brand Manager enables easy management of as many locations as a company might have. By addressing duplication, ensuring the accuracy of information, and adding new entries where needed, you can use Local Brand Manager to give every location all the exposure it deserves.

The Big Three Free Search Engine Directories

Free business listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo together influence the vast majority of all online searches. With Google alone serving nearly two-­thirds of all search traffic in the United States, even small oversights for a handful of your company's locations can add up in starkly negative ways.

Local Brand Manager gives you the tools you need to make sure that your Google local listings are always exactly as they should be. Even with thousands of locations to manage, Local Brand Manager will identify a duplicate Google listing

as soon as it appears, giving you the chance to respond before any damage can be done.

The same goes for free business listings on Bing and Yahoo. Some overlook these services, but that means potentially losing out on the nearly thirty percent of all search traffic they are responsible for. Local Brand Manager is just as capable when it comes to finding an inaccurate or duplicate listing on these services, allowing you to easily maximize performance where it matters the most.

Dozens of Other Directories

Local Brand Manager goes far beyond the most prominent business directory services, allowing you to delve as deeply as you'd like. With further built­in support for directories ranging from Google ­scale services like Facebook to industry­ specific sites like Edmunds and DealerRater, Local Brand Manager ensures that every one of your locations gets the attention it deserves.

Keeping up by hand for a single location could be challenging, but Local Brand Manager gives you the ability to do as much as possible for every last one. By making it just as easy to maintain local listings on the major directories as on smaller, more specialized ones, Local Brand Manager allows you to maximize the attention every one of your locations receives.

Simplicity and Power Combined