Analyze all your Mentions

Local Brand Manager will track the chatter across the social web, analyze sentiment, highlight issues to address, and provide 1 click access to participate in the conversation.

Social Sentiment

Our analytics tools will perform sentiment analysis and summarize what customers are saying about your brand, highlighting negative issues that need to be addressed.

Social Media Monitoring

Our dashboard allows you to easily monitor the social web and participate in the conversation, all in one convenient location. Add filters to monitor specific brands or areas of concern.

Performance Metrics

Easily view the chatter from all of your social media channels, in one convenient location.

of the mentions are being missed by traditional "brand-monitoring" tools! Posts on sites like Yelp, Foursquare, or Facebook Places don’t even mention the brand. For example: "Had a great dinner here, but the bathrooms were dirty". Stop missing over half of what your customers are saying by using Local Brand Manager’s location-based social analytics platform.

Stop Missing It All! Capture All the Social Media Chatter About Your Brand

Analyze All Your Mentions

Most location-based mentions are tagged to a local search or social page for that brand, so the customer doesn’t mention the brand at all. For example: "Had a great dinner here, but the bathrooms were dirty." With our location-based social media platform, we aggregate all of this content along with all mentions of your brand and can tag most content down to the individual location.

Target Business Objectives

Target and filter mentions about key categories and customer experiences. Target positive and negative sentiment, along with other key areas of focus.

Save Time

Find all of your Social Media chatter and analytics in one convenient location.

Measuring Your Brand Across: