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Looker Studio Connector Help

As for now, only scheduled GeoGrids are visible in Looker Studio (previously known as Google Data Studio) reports. Local Brand Manager account is required to use the connector.

The connector provides the latest scheduled GeoGrid generated for each search term from each scheduled GeoGrid config. For example, if you have 100 GeoGrids for the search term ‘pizza’ and 1 GeoGrid for the search term ‘pasta’ within one scheduled GeoGrid config, you will see only two GeoGrids in the report: one for ‘pizza’, and one for ‘pasta’. If you have 2 GeoGrid configs for the same location with identical search term ‘broccoli’, you will see two ‘broccoli’ GeoGrids in the report: one from the first config, and one from the second one.

You can specify up to 5 search terms in the parameters section of a report. If at least one of the search term parameters is specified, only GeoGrids with these search terms will be displayed. If no search term parameters are set, all scheduled GeoGrids will be displayed in the report.

You can specify the PlaceId parameter in the parameters section of a report. If the PlaceId is specified, only GeoGrids for the location with corresponding Google PlaceId will be displayed.

If you don’t specify the PlaceId parameter in the parameters section of the report, the report will be displaying scheduled GeoGrids for all locations of the organization.

Wildcards for parameters are not supported.

Looker Studio reports refresh data only on demand. To refresh a report, click the button with three dots in the top menu bar  to see the dropdown menu with the “Refresh” button and hit the button respectively.

If you need to set up connectors for several different Local Brand Manager accounts, please use different Google accounts for Looker Studio.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in the chat.