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We Do Photo Optimization and Scheduling Different...Intelligently

Avoid Optimizing your Photos in 3rd Party Tools and then Having the Metadata Wiped Upon Uploading it to your GBP. We Pipe the EXIF Data Directly Through Google’s API to Ensure the Optimized Data is Not Lost.

Data Enriched Schedulable Photos

Automatically embed latitude, longitude, keyword and other data into your images before scheduling them to be uploaded to your GBP listing.

Use your own photos and edit your EXIF data in our interface, or pull photos from our library and inject data before uploading, all from within your Local Brand Manager dashboard.

Enable GBP autopilot now!

You can schedule out months of images in a single afternoon and watch your GBP insights increase on autopilot..

Read our docs on scheduling image uploads to your GBP

Start exploring EXIF data injection in your images

Schedule Data Enriched Images Now

Feature available for all Local Brand Manager accounts.

EXIF Injected Image Benefits

It is no secret that Google determines details about media based on the metadata that accompanies it. Since eliminating the geo-tagging features from inside of the GBP dashboard a couple of years ago, we have been left with adding keywords and geo-data via third party applications and then watching it get wiped when we upload it to the GBP. Does it even help?

At Local Brand Manager we wanted to take some of the guesswork out of the process and ensure your data was being pushed directly through the API so you can rest assured your image optimization efforts are not for naught.

We offer a complete set of configurations to bolster your photos when it comes to metadata. Leave no stone unturned when adding information for Google to consider when adding your images to their cache.

Schedule Months Worth of Images to be Added in No Time at All

Set and forget your image upload and optimization schedule so you can perform the tasks once and have your clients seeing the fruits of your labor month after month. Local Brand Manager makes it easy to perform a large amount of work for a campaign without the manual headache. Images are not a part of that lineup.

Automate Your "GeoTagging"

With our “recommended EXIF” automation you can quickly populate the metadata of photos that you upload to your listing. This pulls in data from your GBP, which you can then modify if you wish. Once you are happy with your metadata, one quick keystroke will add your image and pipe that data through the GBP API and you will be quickly adding and managing your businesses images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Schedule Images To Multiple Locations At Once?

Yes, you can use the Multi Media Uploading functionality to upload images to all of your locations (or schedule uploads) at once.

How Many Images Can Be Scheduled To A Location?

Local Brand Manager doesn’t limit the amount of images you can upload or schedule for your listings but you may hit Google limits depending on your volume.

Does Injecting Meta Data Into Images Really Help?

As 2005 as it may sound, injecting exif data with keywords and latitude/longitude coordinates and using those images in your Local SEO campaign still has a positive effect on your rankings.

Is Image Insight Data Included In Local Brand Manager Reports?

Yes, you can optionally include image upload count and image impression metrics in your Local Brand Manager reports.

Does Google Strip EXIF Data?

Google strips EXIF data of images before they are ready to be downloaded by anyone on the internet. Like Facebook and other large companies, they parse and process the meta data on the way in.

Does Uploading Images To My GBP Listing Help With Ranking?

Uploading images is a vital part of bringing trust to your listing in the eyes of Google as well as consumers. Your listing should be fully built out for you to have the best chance of long term Google rankings.