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Google Business Profile Review Management

To ensure success from your online visibility, your business reputation is the most important piece of your digital presence puzzle. Good online reputation management is not about suppressing negativity, as much as it’s about responding to negative feedback and rectifying unfortunate situations to amplify the positive feedback you get. In order to stay relevant, internet users are constantly improving their skills. This means being responsive, sincere, and genuine will allow you to pivot out from under the weight of a bad review.

Six out of ten customers check reviews on local businesses before making a purchasing decision. Sixty percent of your customer base decides whether to do business with you based on this review system, so we need to make sure that customers are impressed with what they see.

Local Brand Manager’s Google Business software has the technology you need to safeguard your online reputation. All of your GBP reviews will be piped into your dashboard and displayed for your convenience. Responding is as simple as a button click and a keystroke.

Are you an agency needing to manage hundreds of GBP reviews? Perfect! We are the tool for you. From a business managing 1,000 locations and more to a business owner relying on a virtual assistant to manage their company’s online presence, we can manage reviews from the front of the house or anywhere else. Whether you’re an agency managing hundreds of client reviews or a business owner managing your presence, we’ve got you covered.

90% of customers are going to check reviews before making a purchase. Prospective clients will read an average of 10 reviews before they feel they can trust a local business. 70% of customers prefer patronizing a customer with good reviews.

The numbers are in. Your online reputation is one of the most important things for your brand. Let Local Brand Manager help you take control of your rep and deploy a strategy for review management from the command hub that is your beautiful and easy to use dashboard.

Whether you are crafting a custom response to each review to really create a concierge support experience or creating templates for your team to use in various support situations, we assure you our tech is going to help take your GBP review management processes to the next level.

Do not fall victim to a lax online reputation strategy and sacrifice customers when Local Brand Manager has the keys to the castle. Sign up for one of our no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee plans and let us do the work. Let the power of automation, organization and systematization work for you by joining Local Brand Manager!

Focusing in on getting more reviews for your GBP listing is one of the most impactful things you can do for your visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Local Brand Manager Help Gather Reviews For My Google Business Profile Listings?

No, our dashboard does not have a review gathering functionality. You can respond to reviews once you receive them and use the dashboard to get notified when you get new reviews.

Does Local Brand Manager Provide A Review Generation URL?

Definitely, every Local Brand Manager listing has a link that you can use to send to customers and open up the review dialog box for your GBP listing.

Can I Mark Reviews As Spam In Local Brand Manager?

No, the GBP API doesn’t provide any functionality around marking reviews as bad or spammy.

Can I Get Notified When New Reviews Are Left On My Listings?

Yes, the Local Brand Manager will automatically notify both the owner of the listing and any sub-users who have access to the listing when new reviews are added.

How Important Are Reviews For My Local Rankings?

Reviews play a crucial role in determining your Google Business Profile listing’s ranking in search results. Customers also consult reviews before contacting a business, so positive reviews are an essential part of any local SEO strategy.

Can I Respond To Reviews Through Local Brand Manager?

Yes, you’ll be able to respond to reviews directly through your Local Brand Manager dashboard so you can quickly get back to customers after they have left feedback.