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Case Study: Save Time and Money by Using our Local “15 Minute Management Methodology”

Using multiple different tools and trying to manage workflows in multiple dashboards can make for a tedious and time-consuming management process. In this document, we will show you exactly how you can accomplish a month worth of GBP management for your clients in under 15 minutes each. 

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Below we timed what a basic GBP management service might look like for a client to demonstrate not just the power, but the time and money saving capabilities of Local Viking. 

5x GBP Geogrid Reporting for Retention and Accuracy – Time – 00:20 each

Use Case Explanation: Setting up reports is a one-time thing but let’s imagine we will be setting up at least 5x per month. Sure, the recurring reports won’t need to be touched again, but let’s face it, the GeoGrid tool is amazing and we find ourselves running reports for our clients outside of the scheduled ecosystem here and there. 

Total Time: 105 Seconds

10x Responses – Review Management – Total Time – 00:09 each 

Use Case Explanation: Some businesses will get a lot more reviews than others. We get that. If your clients aren’t getting a ton of new reviews, that sounds like an upsell opportunity. Check out our friends at Rep.co if you want an awesome review management reseller partner. 

Regardless of your review management needs, let’s just shoot out a number and say we are responding to ten reviews per month. Ninety seconds. Give or take depending on needs.

Total Time: 90 Seconds

5x Questions and Answers – Q&A Management – Total Time – 00:15 each

Use Case Explanation: Let’s assume we will be actually adding the questions as well and we will be doing five questions and answers in a frequently asked question format. 

Total Time: 150 Seconds

10x GBP Posts Scheduled Out – Time – 00:23 each       

Use Case Explanation: In this exercise, we are assuming you will be scheduling ten Google Business Profile posts through Local Brand Manager. At approximately twenty-three seconds each we will accomplish this goal in under four minutes with Local Brand Manager Schedule GMP Posts functionality. 

Total Time: 230 Seconds 

10x Photos – GBP Photo Optimization – Total Time – 00:25 each 

Use Case Explanation: Optimizing images and adding them to the GBP is on the to-do list of every busy agency owner. Local Viking makes it easy to get this task done, fast and easy. Keep in mind we are adding EXIF data to the image in the time listed, with a single click, so we can push this data through the GBP API. 

Total Time: 250 Seconds 

Schedulable White Label Reporting – Total Time – 00:19 each 

Use Case Explanation: This is another task that should be a one-time setup, but we will let one in per month in case you need to modify something with the campaign or for any reason. 

Total Time: 17 Seconds  

You can plug and play with the frequency of these activities to fit your agency’s model, but the goal is for you to visualize how quickly it is to implement a strategy that you lay out for your clients. 

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