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Google Business Profile API v 4.4 Update

Google, on April 22, 2019, released a newer version of the Google Business Profile API. 

The update is a particularly interesting one to the Local Brand Manager team, especially because we manage GBP locations through the API. We take a look at the new features that the latest update brings.

Verifications Of Local Service Businesses

With the Google Business Profile API v4.4, users can now request postcard verifications for their Service Area GBP locations via the API. In the previous updates, users could not programmatically request postcard verifications for their Service Area GBP locations.

How does this affect Local Brand Manager?

Local Brand Manager does not currently support verification, especially as we partner with customers and agencies who have already verified their GBP locations. However, we will continue to work hard to incorporate more features which may include providing verification support from the Local Brand Manager dashboard.

Google Maps Follower Count

Google users can follow businesses on Google Maps to stay updated and connected. The new API update brings a follower count feature which allows businesses to track the number of Google users following their business. When users follow a business location, the business’ GBP Posts will show up in their “For You” tab. There’s not much happening about this metric in relation to ranking, however, it appears to be a great feature to watch out for.

How does this affect Local Brand Manager?

Local Brand Manager will update its dashboard to add this metric. 

Pending Edits Flag

GBP edits can sometimes remain under review for a few days, a development that can be problematic, especially when you need to make instant changes. The latest GBP API update offers a better approach to managing this problem thus allowing all 3rd party API integrators like Local Brand Manager to keep their data synced with what’s published for your location.

How does this affect Local Brand Manager?

This is an exciting update from the engineering perspective. We now have a clear path to dealing with failed updates while keeping data that mirrors your GBP’s live activities.

User and Location Group Management

The new GBP API update now allows you to create groups for your location and users programmatically.

How does this affect Local Brand Manager?

We aren’t currently providing user/location group support services. However, this is a feature we are open to working on if enough users request it.

Future Location Opening Date

In 2018, Google added the future location opening date to help businesses announce their yet to open locations. This feature allows your listing to show up on Google Maps 90 days ahead of the actual opening date.

How does this affect Local Brand Manager?

This feature isn’t much of a high priority but we are open to looking into things and incorporating necessary features as needed.

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