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What is Google Business Profile?

Is Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimization Worth the Effort?

There are so many online guides about how businesses and brands can improve their SEO and rank higher in search engines. Chief of the ideas in those guides revolve around using the right keywords, getting quality backlinks, building a social media presence, and more. Business owners may seem overwhelmed by their SEO To-Do list, all in a bid to rank their business for better visibility, increased engagements, lead generation, and revenue increase.

With the many tasks to complete, it is possible to wonder what the essential tasks are and what the non-essential or contributory tasks are. Knowing the essential tasks helps you prioritize and focus your energy on the tasks that offer the highest result potentials. Amid the long tasks, you may wonder where Google Business Profiles fall and how essential it is towards achieving your goals. This blog post addresses your concerns.

What is a GBP Page?

A Google Business Profile, as the name suggests, is a business profile that showcases your business to potential customers online. Think of it as a business listing directory by Google for its users. Your Google Business Profile is the central location that displays all your business information that is known to Google.

The listing page offers some interesting features as well, some of them include the appointment booking feature, posting feature, etc.

Why You Should Care About Google Business Profile?

For one, GBP is free to use – so your business does not need to acquire additional expenses to set it up and operate it. Your GBP listing can also serve as an information repository for your business and can be used to target your specific audience. It can also help you rank better on Google. The advantages of claiming your GBP listing are limitless; however, some of the most important benefits include:

Get the Right Information Online

Many apps and websites rely on Google to draw information about your business. Claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile offers you a real chance to get the right information about your business online for those apps and websites to index. With the right information about your business online, you can enjoy all of the advantages that those apps and websites bring to your business.

Better Visibility for Your Business

Claiming, completing, and optimizing your GBP page gives you a better chance of being featured in the top results for searches on Google and third-party sites. The online listing can also help you build business relevance in the category you’ve chosen for your business. You also stand a real chance of getting real traffic and better search results that are relevant to your business and its offerings.

How to Make A Good Impression online using Google Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile offers you a chance to make a good impression on online searchers, offer them deals, showcase your top-selling products, and improve your chances of conversion. Here are some ways to achieve these goals.

Get Insights

GBP offers you real insights that are measured by how potential customers come to see your entry, their engagement, and interaction, and the results. With this insight, you get a chance to learn more about what works for you and how to optimize your business and its campaigns to improve effectiveness and drive desired results.

Create Posts

GBP offers you the perfect platform to showcase the latest sale, special deals, and other juicy offers to your target audience. The post feature allows you to create announcements, helpful information, direction guide, etc. to help your customers.

Generate Bookings Straight from Google

Local Brand Manager offers a GBP scheduling software that can work collaboratively with this feature to improve your bookings generation. With GBP listings, your potential customers can schedule an appointment without having to go the extra step of calling.

Reviews Management

The GBP interface also allows you to collect and manage customer reviews. Customer reviews increase customer confidence in your brand and business and can help boost your lead generation or sales metrics. Collect and manage reviews excellently by leveraging GBP listings.

Setting up and managing your Google Business Profile listing can take some time. However, there are faster and better ways to get this done and that is what we offer at Local Brand Manager. Get started today.

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