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Why Your Business Needs a Google Business Profile

How Google Business Profile Listings Impact Your Business

Google Business Profile (GBP) was formerly Google My Business, and before that, Google Places. Over the years and through the change of name, Google has brought improvement to this product. Google Business Profile offers businesses the opportunity to showcase themselves in search results. With each update, Google has brought minor or major changes that have changed the way businesses get seen and heard online and by their target audience. More business owners are now utilizing GBP to improve their feature chances, rake in reviews from satisfied clients, and generate appointment bookings, all at no cost.

Why your company needs a GBP Listing

Google Business Profile allows you to list your business name, location, and other relevant information that can help searchers find you. The feature also allows you to inform your customers of your opening and closing hours, special hours, and to communicate special information like deals, specials, news, and announcements. You can also use the platform to generate traffic to your website, add a link to your articles, or list upcoming events.

For a free feature, GBP packs a lot of benefits that are essential for business owners who wish to connect with their audience on a new level. Businesses seeking to expand their popularity, boost their search visibility, deepen customer engagement, and generate leads to their physical location can take advantage of this feature to achieve their goals.

Improving Local Visibility

Setting up your GPB listing is one of the simplest processes that position your business to get seen and heard online. As a local business owner, you stand a chance of converting more local customers with your GBP listing – this is because more internet users are interested in local businesses they can interact with and Google is prioritizing local businesses to meet these needs.

Optimizing The Google Local Page

After setting up and claiming your GBP listing, the next step is to ensure that the listing is optimized to provide important and relevant data to your customers. This process involves getting your business name, address, and phone number right for lead generation. You should also include other relevant information like opening and closing hours, business category, business description, and others to make your listing attractive to customers. Other information to be added includes photos to attract your customers and show them what to expect when they visit your physical store. Your business photos can also help you drive more engagement, especially if you are a business in the visual-centered industry like restaurants and real estate agencies.

Adding Google Business Profile Posts

Another important part of setting up your GBP listing is your posts. GBP offers business owners a chance to make posts that inform and educate their customers. You can use the post feature to drive engagement, educate, or make announcements of special discounts, deals, and other business news.

The post section also allows you to add a Call To Action (CTA) that can link back to your business website to generate backlinks and traffic. While posts are important, getting them up and regularly publishing them may be a concern. Local Brand Manager offers a solution that addresses your concern and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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